Growth Strategy

Developing the playbook to build scale and maximize enterprise value


Building something great entails planning and execution. We’ll help develop the plan so you can focus on execution.

Executives are constantly pulled in multiple directions and are unable to invest the time and focus on building a long-term strategic plan. This entails a constant self-reflection of how business units are performing, where excess resources should be allocated, and how much capital is necessary to execute on strategy. With Endeavor’s unique position, straddling consultant and investment banker, we develop a detailed strategic plan which ensures the appropriate metrics are achieved to maximize scale and enterprise value.

  • Evaluation

    Utilizing key metrics to uncover which service offerings, sales channels and customer types capture the greatest value for your business.

    + Sales Productivity
    + Channel Analysis
    + Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Strategy Development

    Working with the management team to goal-set and develop the appropriate corporate structure and KPIs needed to succeed.

    + Sales Ramp
    + Sales Conversions
    + Support Metrics

  • Forward Planning

    Creating a financial model to support management's decision making process, and inform strategy, budgets and planning.
    + Financial Planning & Analysis
    + Forward Budgeting
    + Working Capital Analysis

Endeavor assists ownership and management teams in realizing their long-term liquidity goals by developing strategies that enhance scalability and enterprise value.